From The COAT President

On behalf of the County Official’s Association of Tennessee (COAT) I would like to welcome all newly elected officials.  I want to encourage each of you to become involved in your own regional organizations as well as COAT.  To the older officials, like myself, please continue to mentor these newly elected officials in your county and the neighboring counties.


Barbra Parker

Barbra Parker

Fayette County Trustee

COAT President


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Tennessee County Clerks

 Greetings from Shelby County!

2015 promises to be an exciting time for the TN County Clerks Association. I wanted to first of all THANK Carol Wade, our past president, for all of her hard work and dedication leading our association last year.. 


Wayne MashburnWayne Mashburn


County Clerk


Tennessee County Clerks Association

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Tennessee Clerks of Court

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for allowing me to serve as your president of the TN State Court Clerks Association for the year 2015.  I consider this a great honor and will strive to do a good job for our association.  I would also like to thank the board members, committee chairs, and their members for their hard work and willingness to serve this year.


Danny TannerDanny Tanner

Decatur County

Circuit Court Clerk


State Court Clerks Association

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Tennessee Registers Association

It's a new year and a great time to be a Register of Deeds in this great state of Tennessee.  I would like to thank our past President, Sherry Witt, for her dedication and hard work leading our association last year. Sherry and her executive committee did an outstanding job keeping us up to date on issues that affect us all.   I would also like to say thank you to the new executive committee for their dedication and willingness to serve.


Johnny ReedJohnny Reed

Bedford County Register of Deeds


Tennessee Registers Association

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Tennessee County Trustee Association

TCTA is proud to welcome 22 newly elected trustees to our family. We have a dedicated and talented group who have joined us in this noble profession. I am very proud of the involvement that many have already chosen to take in our organization. I also want to take the time to thank last year’s president, The Honorable Teb Batey, from Rutherford County for paving the way for me and his continued support and assistance to both me and our association.



Rodney ArcherRodney Archer

Anderson County Trustee

Tennessee County
Trustee Association

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The TN County Clerk’s Summer Meeting will be held at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro on Tuesday, June 9th – Thursday, June 11th. Tuesday, June 9th will be a travel day with Wednesday, June 10th being the first day of meetings. We will conclude our conference after our meeting on Thursday morning. Embassy Suites is located at 1200 Conference Center Boulevard, Murfreesboro, TN 37129. You can use the link below to make your reservations and / or take a virtual tour of the hotel. Don’t forget to mention that you are with the TN County Clerk’s Association.
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jaywestThe Tennessee General Assembly adjourned on Thursday, April 17, which made for one of the shortest legislative sessions in recent years.  They passed a budget which provided for no pay increases for state employees or teachers.  They did, however, provide funding for the COCTP program.

One bill was introduced by Representative Spivey which, if enacted, would have allowed each county commission to determine the compensation for each county official.  This legislation did not pass.  Our office received many inquiries about the bill.

During this election year, all of the House seats and one half of the Senate seats are up for election.  There are a number of members of the legislature who are either not running for reelection or are seeking other offices.  A new legislature will convene on January 13, 2015.

COAT legislative chair Tom Hatcher, Blount County Circuit Court Clerk, spent long hours on Capitol Hill this session.  I appreciate his leadership and help in developing strategies to deal with the various pieces of legislation of concern to the COAT members.

The COAT Conference will be held in Chattanooga November 4,5, and 6, at the Marriott and Convention Center.

Jay West is Executive Director of The County Officials Association of Tennessee (COAT) - a non-profit association of County Clerks, State Court Clerks, Registers and Trustees. COAT was formed in 1968 to serve coordinated efforts of county officials with respect to training and intergovernmental relations while providing a cooperative information sharing environment.

COAT is managed by a 17 member voting board of directors, about half of whom are elected annually during each fall COAT Association meeting. Representatives from the various county official groups that serve as COAT affiliates gather during the association meeting to discuss issues relating to their county offices.

Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of the County Officials Association of Tennessee to provide equal employment opportunities to individuals and to provide its programs, activities and services to its members regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or status in any other group protected by law. Inquiries and charges of violation of this policy and requests for accommodation of a disability should be directed to Jay West, COAT Executive Director, at 615-253-6700.

Title VI Policy

It is the policy of the County Officials Association of Tennessee to provide all of its programs, activities and services to its members regardless of race, color, or national origin. Inquiries and charges of violation of this policy should be directed to Jay West, COAT Executive Director, at 615-253-6700.

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Public Service Legacy Society Launched

The UT Institute for Public Service recently launched the Public Service Legacy Society to honor individuals who remember the institute or one of its agencies - the County Technical Assistance Service, the Municipal Technical Advisory Service, the Law Enforcement Innovation Center, the Center for Industrial Services or the Jimmy Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership - in their estate plans. As a Charter Member of the society, Davidson Metro Trustee Charlie Cardwell is strategically planning to continue his legacy of public service for the greater good through a trust set up to benefit the work of the County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS).

“Joining the society made sense to me as I wanted to do something to give back to an important organization that touches the lives of nearly all Tennesseans,” Cardwell said. “No other agency does as much for county government as CTAS and I greatly appreciate its work and support, which has helped me serve Davidson County residents for so many years.  Choosing to support IPS through my estate plan worked for me knowing that a program assisting the mission of CTAS will be permanently funded. I hope others consider joining as well.”

There are many ways one can become a member of the Public Service Legacy Society. A simple bequest through an existing will is an option as well as creating a trust as Cardwell is doing. One can also contribute to existing endowmauents through an estate gift or give any appreciated assets such as stocks or bonds. Some individuals choose to make a gift that provides a lifetime of tax-free income at a rate much higher than commercial annuities. It also is possible to see a reduction in estate taxes as a result of free, confidential estate planning assistance provided by the staff of the University of Tennessee Foundation.

Whatever the reason for donation, the gift will affect the economic development, law enforcement, technical advising, training and leadership development in our great state of Tennessee for many years to come.

For more information about the society, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at The University of Tennessee Foundation, the Institute for Public Service’s development director, at (865)974-6587.


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C.O.A.T. Officers & Directors

President Barbra Parker*
Fayette County Trustee

Secretary-Treasurer Kristie Maxwell*
Tipton County Trustee

President-Elect Tom Hatcher*
Blount County Circuit Court Clerk

1st Vice-President Rodney Archer*
President, Tennessee Trustees Association
Anderson County Trustee

2nd Vice-President Danny Tanner*
President, Tennessee Court Clerks Association
Decatur County Circuit Court Clerk

3rd Vice-President Wayne Mashburn*
President, Tennessee County Clerks Association
Shelby County Clerk

4th Vice-President Johnny Reed*
President, Tennessee Registers Association
Bedford County Register of Deeds

Presidential Advisor Charlie Cardwell
Davidson County Trustee

Parliamentarian Bill Kemp*
Sumner County Clerk

Judge Advocate Martha Smith
Hardin County Clerk and Master

Historian Pam Hurst
Hamilton County Register of Deeds

Sergeant-at-Arms Mary Gaither
Tipton County Clerk

Chaplain Teb Batey
Rutherford County Trustee

Past-President Tim Shelton*
Anderson County Register of Deeds

County Clerks
Daphne Fagan (1 year) Marshall County*
Donna Craig (2 years) Henry County *

Registers of Deeds
Claudia Peeler (1 year) Tipton County*
D.W. Weaver (2 years) Marshall County *

Tonya Davis (1 year) Bedford County*
Marty Nelson (2 years) Sumner County*

State Court Clerks
Merry Sigmon (1 year) Giles County*
Robert Baggett (2 years) Franklin County*
Crystal Greene (1 year) Giles County*
Diane Polk (2 years) Hardin County*

*Denotes voting board member

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