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broylesHi, my Friends:

"Signs of Spring are everywhere and there's a brand new feeling in the air."  I think those are lyrics from a song, but anyway, that's kind of the way I feel every Spring.  We can all take a breath now that the Legislature has adjourned.  There was so much work on the part of many to make as much progress as we did.  Many thanks go out to Tom Hatcher, our Chairman of the Legislative Committee, Dart Gore, Crystal Greene, Rebecca Bartlett, Ted Crozier, Danny Tanner, Carl Shrewsbury and others who contacted their Representatives or Senators on bills that were so important to not only court clerks but all County Officials.  I had many e-mails and calls from Court Clerks all over the State and I so appreciate your in-put.  Jay West worked with us, as he has for many years, to keep us informed of these bills and is constantly sending us Legislative Reports, calling and talking to Legislators on our behalf and we thank him for his hard work.

Our May and June meetings are coming up soon so I hope to see you all in either Franklin or Pigeon Forge.  The Education Committee, under the leadership of Marty Cook, has scheduled very helpful topics for study and discussion.  We're going to have a few surprises along the way in our meetings, so be prepared for a little differences in our activities!!  There might even be door prizes so stay alert.

My regards to all of you in this beautiful season of renewal.    

Warmest regards,


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